H4C RetroSim: Retrofitting Design Planner Tool (development edition)


Welcome to the H4C Retrofitting Design Planner Tool.

This Retrofitting Design Planner Tool has been developed in the framework of the Heat4Cool project. Its aim is to provide support to users (residents, building administrators, engineers, architects, etc.) in finding the optimum retrofit solution for a particular building or district, by evaluating the potential of a range of innovative technologies developed within this project.

In the next screens, the user is asked to enter the characteristics of an existing building or district, including location, geometry and existing heating/cooling systems (default values are proposed to aid this). Based on these inputs, the Tool generates a number of scenarios incorporating the Heat4Cool technologies that are compatible, and calculates their energy performance. Finally, a screen is presented to the user where all these scenarios are ranked, considering energy consumed, cost, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the comfort range achieved. A help section is available at the top right area of this screen.

Building characteristics

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Single Building

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Heating system characteristics

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Cooling system characteristics

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Thermostat settings: heating

Thermostat settings: cooling

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